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Dorsett & Jackson - Our Legacy

Dorsett & Jackson, Inc. was formed in 1955, when Bob Dorsett and Hartley Jackson purchased the Southern California branch of the C.L. Duncan Company. At the same time, Hal Carmona purchased the Northern California branch of the same company and formed Carmona Chemical. Paul Grubs, Romer Johnson and Donald Witteman entered into a purchase agreement with Mr. Dorsett and Mr. Jackson in 1968. This agreement reached its first stage in 1973 when 51% of the stock had been acquired by Grubs, Johnson and Witteman. The transaction was completed in 1977 when the remaining 49% of the company was acquired.

In 1983, Grubs Johnson and Witteman purchased a substantial interest in the Carmona Company. This was a natural extension of our business, as many of the companies represented by Dorsett & Jackson, Inc. were also represented by Carmona Company. Additionally, this expanded our sales territory to include the entire states of California, Nevada and Arizona. In September 1989, all Carmona Company stock was acquired by Dorsett & Jackson, Inc. The Carmona Company's name was changed to Dorsett & Jackson, Inc. in 1990.

As suppliers continued to express their desire for fewer agents and distributors covering larger geographic areas, the importance of further expansion became obvious. The Pacific Northwest was the next logical step. On January 1st, 2006, Dorsett & Jackson, Inc. completed its purchase of The Cordano Chemical Company, an organization that has served industry in the Pacific Northwest for over 60 years.

Dorsett & Jackson, Inc. has a history of sustained growth and is a recognized leader in the markets we serve, with warehouses in, Los Angeles, California, Portland, Oregon, Phoenix, Arizona and Hayward, California. We are well equipped to provide services to the entire West Coast.

With the retirement of Paul Grubs and Romer Johnson, employees, as of December 2018, own 75% of Dorsett & Jackson, through the way of a modified ESOP plan. Continuing the Dorsett & Jackson legacy, led by Don Witteman, is an elite and highly skilled staff.