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Hockmeyer Vessel Washers, Drum Mixers, Immersion & Drum Mills

As a leading provider of wet grinding and dispersion process solutions for over 80 years, at Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation we are dedicated to designing equipment that is of the highest quality available.

Companies around the world trust our machines because of their unparalleled quality, efficiency, reliability, durability, and value, and because we stand behind them 100%. Our service department and our applications laboratory staff are always available to troubleshoot and offer advice to prospective and current clients. We evaluate our clients’ processes and help them maximize their productivity and profits by developing customized solutions. The value and return on investment of Hockmeyer machines are remarkable.

Our engineers design our machines using state-of-the-art technology and maintain a development pipeline ready to react to market needs and novel raw material developments. We are committed to leading the charge in innovation in process development for particle size reduction and dispersion techniques. Our collaborative approach to project management creates an in-depth connection with the client to learn the ins and outs of their application and maximize the productivity of every machine delivered.

Our goal is to provide you with equipment that sets the benchmark for process development and productivity at your facility higher than ever before. You benefit from improved efficiencies which translate to a drop in costs and increased profits through higher throughput, less waste, faster changeovers, and easier cleanup. And we provide your staff with the hands-on training they need to quickly learn how to operate the machines to achieve maximum productivity.

Whether your process needs include increasing capacity, debottlenecking, raw material optimization, quality improvements, enhancing plant safety, or replacing antiquated equipment, our team has the knowledge and experience to bring your project to fruition.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation

  • CMX Vessel Washers
  • Dispersing Blades
  • Drum Mixers
  • HCP Immersion Mills
  • HCP Drum Mills
  • HCPS Immersion Mills with Sweep
  • HCPN Immersion Mills – Nano Technology
  • HHL-II Dual Shaft Mixer & Dispersers
  • HHL-III Triple Shaft Mixer & Dispersers
  • Horizontal Mixers
  • HVI Hoist Mounted Dispersers
  • HVIE Hoist Mounted Dispersers
  • Jacketed Tanks
  • Manufacturing Tanks
  • Maintenance Carts
  • Micro Mill Lab & Pilot Environments
  • NEXGEN™ Vacuum Recirculation Mills
  • TVI Tank Mounted Disperser
  • Rotor Stators

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