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News Updates

Dorsett and Jackson celebrated their 65th year in business – July 2020!

Bob Dorsett and Hartley Jackson established Dorsett & Jackson in July 1955 when they purchased the California branch of the C.L. Duncan Company.

For more information on our history please see Our Company ˜ History Tab.

Covestro Launches a New Coating Resins Website

Covestro's New Coating Resins Website

Covestro launches a new Coating Resins website with the aim of giving the coating industry a greater insight into the bright science and application expertise driving new levels of performance in coatings. Resins are an essential part of any coating, representing the backbone of any paint, lacquer or ink. If you have a spare minute or two you can explore the latest developments on

Dorsett & Jackson Ownership Transition

In 2013, the owners of Dorsett and Jackson Inc. began the process of company succession by refining their views and values of their employees into a reality. They announced Dorsett and Jackson employees will become the owners of the company under the process of Employee Stock Ownership Program also known as ESOP.

Proudly, as of April 1st, 2016 employees now own 75 percent of Dorsett and Jackson, thru the Employee Stock Ownership Program.

Not only is Dorsett and Jackson moving toward 100 percent ownership, but is also thrilled to announce the addition of two new board members Ryan Yokoyama and Christine Tangen - who was also elected as our new Corporate Secretary.

Ryan and Christine join owner Don Witteman, Romer Johnson and Paul Grubs on the Board of Directors. Ryan and Christine whom both excel in their current roles, are looking forward to the future of Dorsett and Jackson and participation they will have in the company’s successes.

With pride, for over 60 years, Dorsett and Jackson, continues to strengthen their relationship with principals and customers to be a leading distributor in the western U.S.

Technology Vice President
Ryan Yokoyama, VP Director of Sales

Vice President of Operations
Christine Tangen, Vp of Operations / Board of Directors Corporate Secretary