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National Association of Chemical Distributors

Dorsett & Jackson, Inc. is committed to the responsible distribution of chemicals and chemical inventory management. Our goal is to achieve, on a continuing and on an ever improving basis, a high level of protection for our employees, our communities and for the environment.

To achieve this goal, we have fully implemented the National Association of Chemical Distributor's (NACD) RESPONSIBLE DISTRIBUTION PROCESS that will assist us in our good faith efforts to safely handle, store and distribute chemicals at both company facilities.

Various facets of our business are being reviewed and will continue to be reviewed as they relate to responsible distribution. These include, but are not limited to: regulatory compliance, employee training, carrier selection, chemical handling and storage, job procedures, waste management, emergency response, security, community outreach and education, and stewardship of chemicals for both end-use and reseller customers.

Dorsett & Jackson, Inc. has successfully demonstrated their commitment to the responsible distribution process through completion of three On Site Third-Party Management System Verifications.