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Shamrock Polyethylene/PTFE Waxes, PTFE Micropowders & Macropowders

Shamrock Technologies has a highly technical approach to building its product portfolio and expanding into adjacent markets/applications. From dedicated R&D staff to applications and testing laboratories across its six sites, Shamrock has >10% of its employees dedicated to R&D, technical services, and laboratory/applications testing.

Our in-depth technical knowledge and production experience gives formulators the edge they need. Shamrock serves our customers with extensive application and R&D laboratories, custom production equipment, and industry-experienced professionals. Our chemists, scientists, and engineers are highly trained experts in the major applications and industries and bring valuable first-hand knowledge to customers through our Technical Service Group (TSG). All of our facilities are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Shamrock Technologies

  • Astro Emulsions
  • AquaFLON® PTFE Water Dispersions
  • CeraSPERSE® Wax Compound Dispersions
  • EverGLIDE® Wax Dispersions in UV Carriers
  • FluoroPURE® PTFE Powders
  • FluoroSLIP® Polyethylene/PTFE Waxes
  • FluoroSPERSE® PTFE Oil Dispersions
  • FluoroTEX® PTFE Micropowders
  • HydroCER® Wax Dispersions
  • MicroFLON® PTFE Micropowders
  • NanoFLON® PTFE Sub-Micron/Nano Powders
  • PowderTEX® PTFE Macro-Powders
  • SPP Polypropylene Macro-Powders
  • SST® PTFE Micronized Powders
  • TexMATTE PMMA Macro-Powders
  • Texture Series Polyethylene Macro-Powders

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